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February 2020



Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

February 16, 2020

Meeting was called to order and opened with prayer by Pastor Mueller. Those in attendance were Teresa lrby, Martha Reaves, Pete Skeris, Earl Beegle, Barbara Carr, Cecil Robinson, Rick Wurdeman and Pastor Mueller.

Minutes from the last meeting were read and a motion to accept was made by Cecil and seconded by Earl. Motion passed.

Treasurers Report was read and a motion to accept was made by Cecil and seconded by Pete, Motion was passed.

Pastors Report: We are in the planning stages of a special service to celebrate the 35th Anniversary of Good Shepherd. Palm Sunday is the tentative date set for Waylon Mitchell's confirmation.

Meeting closed with Lord's Prayer.

Submitted by Teresa lrby


December 2016, Newsletter

 Dear Fellow Children of God,

 Do you remember the excitement of Christmas as a child?  That excitement did not just come from receiving presents on Christmas day.  Waiting also caused its own excitement.  There was an anticipation, a sense of expectation, a sense of hope, that came from waiting for that special day and for its wonderful celebration.  People used to talk about having the Christmas spirit.  I believe the excitement of the preparation for the Christmas celebration and all that means was part of that Christmas spirit.

 Traditional Christians don't just go from Thanksgiving (or Halloween like in the stores) to Christmas.  We celebrate a season of Advent for four Sundays before Christmas.  Advent comes from Latin words meaning he comes to us.  Advent is that time of anticipation, of excitement even, that Jesus is coming. 

 In worship we reflect that waiting for Jesus and that excited anticipation with the advent wreath.  Each week of the four Sundays in Advent we light one more candle on the wreath.  On the first week of Advent we light the candle of hope.  Then on the second Sunday we light the candle of faith, then the candle of joy on the third week, and the candle of love on the fourth week.  Finally, on Christmas we light that white CHRISTmas candle in the middle of the wreath celebrating that Jesus has at last come.  Advent is the time we wait with hope and anticipation for Jesus.

 Sometimes waiting can be difficult.  We all know what it means to be impatient.  But, there is good reason to celebrate Advent and to wait on celebrating Christmas.  For one thing, historically God's people waited a really long time for the Messiah to finally come.  God promised Adam and Eve that He would send someone to defeat their enemy, the devil.  They hoped the Savior would come in their lifetime.  But Adam and Eve, and all the Old Testament people of faith, waited hundreds and thousands of years trusting in God, for the Messiah to come.

 We also celebrate Advent because, in a sense, we are still waiting.  We are waiting for Jesus to come again.  While Jesus did come that first Christmas, while He did die and rise to defeat sin and Satan and death, we have not yet fully received God's kingdom of heaven.  Look at the pain and troubles and death in the world around us today.  So, we are still waiting for Jesus to come again and we are waiting for all the victory and joy He will bring.

 We may not like to wait, but ultimately there are some things worth waiting for.  Sometimes the waiting, though it may seem difficult, or even painful, points us to how precious and important the object of our waiting is.  Advent points us to God's promise that He gives Himself, His help and strength, His righteousness, love, and grace.  God gives Himself and life with Him forever for all who accept Jesus in faith.

 Christmas is right around the corner.  But, FIRST, we celebrate Advent. We wait for, we anticipate, and we are even excited that Jesus has not only come once, but that He will come again.  The season of Advent reminds us that Jesus is worth waiting for.

 A Child of God, Waiting in Hope and Anticipation for Jesus,

Pastor Jonathan Rockey




The meeting was called to order at 4:05PM by Martha Reaves, President.

 Attendance records are attached to the original of the minutes.

 Pastor Rockey presented opening remarks based on Lamentations Chapter 3, verses 19 to 26. He then offered a prayer.

There followed an explanation of the Circuit Visitors duties.

 Pastor Rockey outlined the process to fill a vacancy:

                Phase 1: Fill the interim post

                Phase 2: Long Term (Self Study)

a.       Where you are as a congregation

b.       Where you want to be as a congregation

 The self study will be completed by a call committee of 7 to 8 persons. This committee will ideally be composed of parishioners from diverse backgrounds i.e. longtime members; new members; differing age groups; no more than two council members. The self study provides answers used to match candidates to the parish. It will provide a top ten ranking of the qualities the parish is looking for in a pastor. This will also answer the question of whether there is monetary support for a part-time or a full time pastor.

 The current recommended starting salary for a full time pastor is $37,475.00. There is a possibility of obtaining a mission grant from the District and Circuit if it is decided to issue a call for a full time pastor.

 Pastor Rockey then opened the floor to questions from the congregation.

 The final remarks from Pastor Rockey were for the congregation to listen for the Holy Spirit to reveal God's plan for Good Shepherd.

 The meeting was adjourned at 5:06P.M.

 Respectfully submitted,

Beth Robinson

--December 10th “ Christmas Festival at the Depot in Chiefland 10-4. See Martha if you would like to be involved.

--December 11th “After worship Service a meeting for the self study/ call committee.

--December 18th “Election of Officers

--December 24th “ Christmas Eve Service will be at 4:oo pm.

Women's Group/Thrivent

Our next Meeting will be held on January 7,

2017 at noon at the Church including lunch.

Martha Reaves

November 2016, Newsletter


Walled In? Look for the Way Out!

There's a wall in front of you. Behind you is a past you are running from. Beyond the wall awaits the promise of a new life. But you're not moving because there is this "wall." You feel trapped. No way out. This is just the sort of situation in which God does some of his finest work.

You need only ask the Israelites. Behind them was a life of back-breaking work and slavery. Ahead of them was a life in the land of Promise. Behind them was the fierce army of a fanatical Pharaoh coming towards them. Ahead of them was a wall. Their obstruction was made of water. Your "wall" may be a fear of failure. Or maybe it's a lack of confidence that has grinded your progress to a halt. Or it could merely be too many problems that have piled up in front of you at the same time.

So you stopped. And you aren't sure if there is a way over, around, or under this imposing impediment. At this point many people panic. Anxiety rises, you freeze up. Eyes which once had clear focus now only focus on the wall just inches away. But some look elsewhere. The Israelites looked to Moses. They began placing blame on him. Have you done the same? Blame the neighbor. Blame a co-worker or the boss. Blame your dog. Blame God. Maybe even blame yourself? Blame all you want but the wall remains.

While the Israelites were body punching Moses, he opted to look elsewhere. His options? He could have looked at the enemy's army. He could have looked at the ungrateful people he led. He could have looked at the wall of water spread out before him, sat down, and given up. Instead he looked to God. And God opened an unlikely route through the wall of water. Safely on the other side, the very wall that had halted their steps closed in on and covered the sources of their fears.

The very name of the book where we find this story serves as a reminder when we face our "walls." "Exodus" is a compound Greek word meaning "the way out." And in case you might have missed it, the way out was not a better job, a different spouse, or a victim mentality. No, the way out is God. Next time you find yourself up against a wall look to him.

Congregational Meeting!!!!!!

Pease make your calendars, on November 13th we will have a congregational meeting at 4 pm. Pastor Rockey, our circuit visitor will here to help guide us in the next step of our vacancy and where we go from here. We will have dinner following the meeting. The meat will be provided, please bring a side dish.

A sign up sheet will be in the Narthex and Fellowship hall so we know how much food to get. Please plan to attend.


We will be having Wednesday Advent services beginning November 30, 2016 at 11:00am. With a light lunch to follow


October 9, 2016 Council Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 12:09M.

Those in attendance were: Martha Reaves, Earl Beegle, Debbie Swilley, Beth Robinson, Cecil Robinson, Barbara Carr, Richard Strickland, Pete Skeris, Rick Wurdeman, Dexter Hughes, Carlton Pierce, Arnie Smith, and Marie Lucas.

Approval of Minutes: A motion was made by Cecil Robinson and seconded by Pete Skeris to accept the minutes of the two previous meetings. Motion carried.

Treasurer's Report: A motion to accept the Treasurer's Report was made by Cecil Robinson and seconded by Debbie Swilley. Motion carried. A discussion was held about using the Bollick Foundation Funds for a display at the Chiefland Christmas festivities.

Pastor's Report: None

Elders Report:  None

Trustee's Report: A discussion was held concerning the need to have a work day to clean up the exterior of the church.

Education Report: The Wednesday Bible study will be conducted by congregation members. Mrs. Swilley will research studies available for use.

Stewardship Committee Report: None

Women's League: The yard sale was successful in spite of the inclement weather. An additional day is scheduled for Friday October 14.

Thrivent Financial: Thrivent Action Projects are in the process for Tri County Outreach Baskets for the holidays and for Haven Hospice.

Care and Concern Committee: Still visiting the nursing home and working at the Tri County Outreach thrift store.

Old Business: The bricks have been ordered and delivery is expected in 3 to 4 weeks. The installation of the bricks will be in conjunction with the Church workday. Work has been done to improve the performance of the sound system.

New Business: Pastor Mueller has agreed to serve as vacancy pastor for most Sundays, Advent, and Lent. He will provide Mrs. Reaves with a schedule of the days he cannot serve. A congregational meeting will be held November 13 at 4:00PM to discuss the self-study.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 12:45 with all members reciting the Lord's Prayer. The next meeting is scheduled for November 20, 2016.

Respectfully submitted,

Beth Robinson

Please take note:

It is that time of year again to start thinking about election of officers. This year we will elect President, Vice President and Recording Secretary. If you are interested in serving in any of these roles please let Martha Reaves know. We will have a nominating committee soon. Please prayerfully consider serving.

Women's Group/Thrivent

The yard sale made $2,000.00. Thank you to everyone who donated items, food and their time. We could not have done it without you.

We are collecting foods for Thanksgiving Baskets. Please bring items by November 13.

There will be a basket in the Narthex.

Next Meeting January 7, 2017 at noon at the church including lunch.

President: Martha Reaves

Many thanks to Barbara Manfready for working on the Bulletin Board in the Narthex.

September 2016, Newsletter

From Pastor Jonathan Rockey

 A Fleeting Life and an Eternal Promise

Dear Fellow Children of God,

 While Kathy and I were traveling in July we attended the 45th reunion of my graduating class at Gainesville High School.  It was the first time I have been able to attend one of my class reunions because I have always lived out of town when past reunions were held.  

 It was fun to reconnect with some old friends.  But, not everyone I hoped to see at the reunion was present.  Some former classmates sent notice that they were unable to attend.  But there were others who were missing for another reason.  Posted in the entry way to the room where we ate was a list entitled, In Memoriam “ Remembering and honoring our classmates who left us much too soon.  

 I attended a large high school, and my graduating class had over 960 students.  So, the list of people who are no longer with us was a long list.  In fact, I recently went back to look at the list and counted 88 people who were named.

As I read the list that night I was surprised and I was saddened.  A girl who had sat beside me in English class is no longer with us.  The former girlfriend of one of my best friends died of cancer.   A husband and wife couple from our class both passed away.  And one of my best friends was on the list.  This man had spent many hours in my home as a youth, and had visited me in St. Louis, in Florida, and even in Alaska.  I had actually learned in 2012 of the death of this friend, so his passing was not a surprise.  But seeing his name along with the 87 others brought me to a stop.

Seeing this list caused me to think of what Peter wrote, quoting Isaiah 40, 23 For you have been born again, not of perishable seed, but of imperishable, through the living and enduring word of God. 24 For, ˜All men are like grass, and all their glory is like the flowers of the field; the grass withers and the flowers fall, 25 but the word of the Lord stands forever.' And this is the word that was preached to you. (1 Peter 1:23-25)

The list at my reunion showed me the truth of God's word, All men are like grass.  We can take the gift of life for granted.  Perhaps the fact that I expected to see some of those people on the list at the reunion shows that I have taken my life for granted.  But, as Peter points out life is fleeting.  None of us knows when death may come.  

The fleeting nature of life also shows us how much we need the mercy and the salvation which God gives through faith in Jesus.  Thankfully, Peter tells us that that where ˜All men are like grass' and life is fragile, there is something that does last forever.  The word of the Lord stands forever.' And, where life might be fragile and fleeting, God gives new life when He creates faith through the power of his enduring word.  23 For you have been born again, not of perishable seed, but of imperishable, through the living and enduring word of God.  Thank the Lord that in this life, where little is sure, God gives eternal life by the power of His word.                                                                                                                                              

I don't know about all my classmates, but I do know that the good friend on the list was a member of the church in which I grew up in Gainesville.  When he and I saw each other, among other areas where we caught up, we also talked about our faith in Jesus.  Even as His life was taken too quickly, he has life that does not end with Jesus in heaven.  

This life may be fleeting, but through His word which does not pass away, God gives life that is eternal.  After looking at that list and being reminded of our mortality, I am thankful that God gives this gift of new and eternal life.

 A Child of God, Realizing Again my Need for God's Gift of Eternal Life,

Pastor Jonathan 


Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

July 17, 2016 Council Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 11:50 AM.

Those in attendance were: Martha Reaves, Earl Beegle, Debbie Swilley, Beth Robinson, Cecil Robinson, Richard Strickland, Pete Skeris, Rick Wurdeman and Marie Lucas.

Approval of Minutes: A motion was made by Cecil Robinson and seconded by Earl Beegle to accept the minutes of the April 17, 2016 meeting. Motion carried.

Treasurer's Report: A motion was made by Cecil Robinson and seconded by Earl Beegle to accept the report. Motion carried. Marie Lucas requested permission to accept updated rates for the telephone service and copier if they provide a cost savings. A motion to allow acceptance of these updated rates was made by Cecil Robinson and seconded by Debbie Swilley. Motion carried.

Pastor's Report: In lieu of the pastor's report, Martha Reaves stated Pastor had fallen and strained his back. Because of this he was unable to attend the meeting. Sunday morning Bible study will not be held the month of August.

Elders Report: The elders will discuss with Pastor Abel other ways they may be able to assume some of his duties as he recovers.

Trustee's Report: The motors had to be replaced in both of the air conditioning units in the Sanctuary and the drain lines cleaned. We have not received the bill from Spann's.

Education Report:  Barbara Manfready continues to have children's Bible study on Sunday mornings.

Stewardship Committee Report: There is no Chairperson at the present time.

Women's League: Yard Sale will be in October.

Thrivent Financial: Thrivent Action Project funds were received to help defray the costs of next Sunday's luncheon.

Care and Concern Committee: Still visiting the nursing home. Volunteers are needed at the Tri County Outreach thrift store.

Old Business: Martha Strickland will be on vacation August 21. Martha Reaves will work with Bonnie Cooke to order the service for download. She also will talk with Pastor Abel about storing the I-Pad at the church.

New Business: A discussion was held about installing the memorial bricks. Martha Reaves will follow up to see when the bricks will be available for delivery. A work day will be scheduled this fall to complete the installation.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 12:49 with all members reciting the Lord's Prayer. The next meeting is scheduled for August 21, 2016.

Respectfully submitted,

Beth Robinson

 Joshua 10:21 (NIV)
The whole army then returned safely to Joshua in the camp at Makkedah, and no one uttered a word against the Israelites.
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