September 2020

The Good Shepherd Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod


14301 NW Highway 19

Chiefland, Florida 32626


 Pastor Ron Mueller - Phone 352-598-8212

Dear Friends in CHRIST,

As I write, Thanksgiving is but three days away. We have much to be thankful for...even in this midst of this pandemic. We never thought 2020 could be so deadly, so devastating and sometimes, so depressing. This year is so unlike anything we have ever experienced. Covid has wreaked havoc on everyday lives: worship, social, education of our youth, and more. The political nature of our country is disturbing and polarizing. One thing I have missed, and you as well, is the close fellowship of family and friends. I have three children and their families I have not seen for over a year. Even Thanksgiving is supposed to be masked and distanced. 

In all of this we have hope and thankfulness. Hope is the joy of Christmas, and we need a little Christmas right now. Thanksgiving is being thankful for daily bread and provisions of God's loving care. We are still here and alive, doing well. Covid has not taken our lives, nor our hope and thankfulness. Thanks be to God!

One of our most beloved Christmas movies is IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE, starring Jimmy Stewart. The plot follows the life of George Bailey through good times and bad. When life goes sour for George Bailey, he wants to end it. But an angel, Clarence, enters the picture and gives George a chance to see what life would have been liked had not George been born. He would never had saved his brother who had fallen thru the ice in a pond and saved him. So, George is saved from suicide, friends aid him. And it's a wonderful life. 

It is a wonderful life we are living. God is here. Christmas is coming. The Grinch will not steal Christmas, neither will Covid. God loves us...sent His son and we celebrate that birth again. It's a wonderful life. 

Advent begins Sunday, November 29. For four weeks we anticipate the coming of the Lord. It culminates in our Christmas Eve service, Thursday, December 24, at 4 pm. 

We have one mid-week Wednesday service, December 9th, at 11 am. Hope you will come to be renewed in this busy season. 

Pledge cards for 2021 will be distributed at church in narthex and in your church mailbox. Theme is: TO GOD THE THINGS THAT ARE GOD'S. Please return your card by December 20th. Pledge to God your commitment for the ministry of our Savior. Thank you for your faithfulness. 

A Christmas e - mail will be mailed around December 15th. 

Yours in Christ, 

Rev.  Ron Mueller

 Genesis 32:2 (NIV)
When Jacob saw them, he said, "This is the camp of God!" So he named that place Mahanaim.
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